The Bees Knees - DIY Floral Tights

Spring has arrived and nothing shouts spring like floral everything! I've noticed a massive trend in floral head crowns at all the festivals this year. Are you tired of all these floral crown tutorials yet? We went another route and embellished an old pair of tights for a quirky festive look! I assure you, these are a bit out there but they definitely say, "Hello, it's Spring!" I also can't promise that you won't be mistaken for a bed of flowers that bees might want to pollinate! Read on to see how we made this look.

 Step 1: Wedge a long piece of cardboard through the tights. If your tights are thin be extra careful to avoid runs unless that's the look you want.

Step 2: Apply a dot of hot glue to the back of the flower and just stick them on! You can arrange them randomly or follow a pattern.
>> Occasionally lifting the tights from the cardboard is a good idea. Especially if your tights are thin and the glue seeps trough. Mine were pretty sturdy and I had no problems with messy glue.

-monica & lisa


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