Mini Peach Pie(π)s

I've never been a huge fan of pie. In fact, I can count the types of pie I like on one hand. But when Pi Day rolled around about a month ago (March 14) I knew I had to make pie. We had a couple cans of peaches in our pantry and frozen pie crust in the fridge so I figured I'd give peach pie a shot. I based my recipe off of this one from All Recipes and, instead of using a pie tin, I used a muffin pan to make mini pies! This pie is super easy to make (especially if you use pre-made crust and canned fruit) and I'm happy to report that my first foray into pie-making was delicious! Although Pi Day was almost a month ago, and we missed the 23rd anniversary of Twin Peaks by a couple of days (oops), I still think you should measure the circumference of something, find out who killed Laura Palmer, and make these mini peach pies. Or you could just do the last thing. Recipe under the jump.

>> The recipe from called for 5 cups of peaches, but that is if you have fresh fruit. I used 2 cans, drained, and had a little bit left over.

>> Make sure you have an edge to attach the tops to. I did a bad job with that. Don't be like me.

>> Egg wash is simply a beaten egg with a little bit of milk. It will help the crusts stick together when you bake it.

>> Cutting π into your pies is optional, but look how cute! Math is fun!

Yummy! Enjoy with black coffee while recording messages for Diane.



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