Fave 5 // Kirk to Enterprise

1. I've been looking for a good phone case and, in the search, I stumbled upon this cool DIY. This steampunk iPhone case was inspired by Victorian Torchwood tech and it even has working gauges! I'm pretty much sold on anything that is functional and Doctor Who/Torchwood related.

2. This paper boat bag by Aimee from ClonesNClowns is a Moschino knock-off and it's adorable! It looks fairly easy to make if you know how to use a sewing machine.

3. If you liked that steampunk phone case, then maybe you'll also enjoy this bluetooth build from Make magazine. It's a Star Trek communicator bluetooth! There's a video for it and you should really see it in action. So cool!

4. I'm pretty sure we've been over this, but I love anything miniature. This Hobbiton garden is no exception! It's so cute and they even show you exactly how to make that door and chimney.

5. Last night I got a text from Monica asking if I had heard of felt cat beds. I hadn't and when I looked them up, I was blown away. Some of them are so weird! The best ones I saw were made by Dornröschen Filzunikate and are sold on this German site.



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