Fire and Blood

Easter is coming. And so is Game of Thrones season 3! Will the Khaleesi take what is hers with fire and blood? Will Jon Snow ever get laid? WTF was that smoke monster baby? Will winter finally come? These questions and more... have probably already been answered in the books. I admit to only being on page 68 of A Game of Thrones. Regardless! We are big fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones and are super excited for the premiere on Sunday. And since Sunday is also Easter, what better time to make dragon eggs?

We knew we wanted to make dragon eggs but weren't really sure how to do it on real eggs, so we decided to make cake pops! Game of Thrones cake pops have been done before (definitely check out these slightly morbid ones on Not Your Momma's Cookie) but we didn't see any dragon egg cakes. That is until Monica found this awesome Nerdy Nummies Game of Thrones cake on YouTube. Our dragon egg mini cakes are a little less intense than that cake, so if you want to enjoy a little Westeros treat on premiere day, read on!

>> We didn't have any fondant cutters, so we made our own out of soda cans just like in this tutorial.

>> Everything we used to make these dragon eggs was store-bought. Chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting for the cake eggs and Wilton fondant and edible pearl dust for the scales. To make the eggs we followed Bakerella's instructions for cake balls, shaped them into eggs, and cooled them in the fridge. Then we rolled out the fondant and cut a bunch of the little teardrop shapes.

>> We put a thin layer of frosting on the egg and then, starting with overlapping scales at the top, we layered the fondant shapes all around. The key to making them look like dragon eggs is small scales and a little randomness. We made some with bigger scales lined up nicely and they looked like artichokes.

>> Also, as you can see, these started out as dragon egg pops. We didn't have any candy melts to hold it to the stick and then we started layering fondant, making it heavier, and... well, they started "hatching." So, we decided to forgo the lollipop sticks and make them handheld cakes.

>> To finish them off, we brushed on some edible pearl dust. Shimmer = instant magic! Seriously, that pearl dust makes all the difference.

-monica + lisa (who sort of brushed shoulders with George R. R. Martin at San Diego Comic Con this past summer)


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