Fave 5 // Entomology

1. I love these DIY party crowns from Design Love Fest. They're super adorable and I really love the idea of a photobooth crawl. Gotta try that out for someone's birthday soon.

2. I grew up decorating Easter eggs with my mom but I've never made eggs like these on She Knows. They look so prett, I wouldn't want them to spoil!

3. For some reason, I've been into bugs lately. So, I really love this insect crown. There's a pretty good DIY for it from Dare To Do It Yourself here.

4. More bugs! I like insect pinnings but not so much the idea of killing insects. This specimen art from Whimsey Box is a great compromise.

5. Aaand... more bugs. Pretty ones this time! These wind up butterflies from You Are My Fave are so cool. She suggests sticking it in a card or book but I would be worried about it flying in someone's face! I think they would forgive you, though, given how adorable they are.



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