Fave 5 // Week 34

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We skipped a couple weeks of faves but we are back and ready to meow! MEOW!

1. Make My Lemonade has a kitten clutch diy that is absolutely amazing! One of the cutest kitty themed accessories I've seen in awhile.

2. Print and make these paper diamonds from an-magritt. They would make really cute party decorations.

3. I've been poking around the internet for some vintage inspiration and came across this photograph and I am obsessed! The woman in the photo is gorgeous and I just love her style. (photo from tumblr)

4. Another fun DIY is this Totoro plush doll from Cheek and Stitch. I will be making this for my little sister sometime and also myself!

5. The Beauty Department gives us a few tips on trimming bangs! Be brave!



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