This past Sunday, Monica and I went to Disneyland for Dapper Day! Despite having a Disneyland pass for the last two years (and growing up 10 minutes from the park), I had never been to a themed day. It was fun! The park actually wasn't any more crowded than usual and we got the front seat on Space Mountain! Hooray! Anyway, I had the perfect dress to wear (combined with our DIY pearl collar) but was missing something to make it a little fancier. So I Googled some dapper outfits from the 50's and realized: fascinator! I watched this extremely helpful video tutorial by Made By Marzipan and this felt bow tutorial by Valerie Paperie and whipped up this simple one the night before. I love it! Now I just need some more retro events to wear it to. Check out how I made mine below!

>> Trace and cut your shape onto the interfacing. Glue the interfacing onto the felt, leaving a border. I actually didn't have interfacing (don't tell!) so I just used some stiff scrap fabric.

>> Glue your wire along the edge between the interfacing and felt. This step turned out easier than I thought it would be. Once you get the first little section of wire glued in place, it's easy to bend the rest into the right shape.

>> After the wire's all glued, cut around your interfacing leaving about a 1/4 to 1/2 inch border of felt.

>> Then fold that felt border back over and glue to hide the edge. Cut notches, like I did above, if your shape is rounded.

>> And glue on your clip! Alligator clips are probably best, or you could just bobby pin it in place.

>> Normally at this point, you would add on feathers, trim, tulle, etc. I didn't have any of that and it was looking a little plain so I added a bow! There are a lot of felt bow tutorials out there and the one I linked at the top is really easy to follow, so I'll just give you this gif as explanation and leave it to you to click that link if you need more help.

>> Here we are looking dapper at Disneyland! I love looking at vintage photos of Disneyland so you can imagine how happy it made me to see it come to life! Monica and I spent a lot of time just staring at everyone's outfits. Looking forward to more themed Disneyland days! (Monica's Peter Pan collar is a DIY from Honestly WTF)



  1. I really want to go on a theme day too. You both looked great! Love the idea and it looks so easy!
    K & C


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