Monica and Lisa's Holiday Wishlist 2012

Check out what's on our wishlist this year! We tried to keep it cheap for our very Secret Santas!

1. Cross Stitch iPhone case - This cell phone case would be a fun way to experiment with cross stitch designs. I can already picture at least 7 cool patterns!

2. Victoria's Secret Love Spell body lotion - I never really got into this scent as a youngin but recently it's been my go to scented lotion. 

3. Scallop Lace checkbook wallet - I've been searching for a cute wallet and I think it's a good time to get organized with a wallet with more than one compartment.

4. UrbanEars Pastel Color Headphones // for a cheaper version Coloud Colors Headphones - I love pastely colors and purples, if you were askin'

5. Game of Thrones Direwolves names Tote - This tote is awesome! If you can find a real Direwolf that would be even more awesome! haha


1. Spiked headband - I've been looking for a good spiked headband for awhile. I particularly like this one from Urban Outfitters.

2. Kate Beaton's Small, Fat, and Mighty mug - I love love love Kate Beaton, especially her pony comics. Oh, pony. You are truly small, fat, and mighty.

3. Photojojo Nikon lens mug - Mugs! If all I got for Christmas this year were mugs I would be happy. I would throw them all on my bed and make mug angels in perfect contentment.

4. Astrological jewelry stand - I've wanted this jewelry stand for a long time now. There's a slightly cheaper one at Icing but they're pretty much the same. Sidenote: I tried to DIY one and it was a mega-fail :(

5. Neil Gaiman's Stardust Gift Edition (or, you know, the way cheaper paperback edition) - Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors but I've never read Stardust. I've seen the movie (and really liked it) and since I love Gaiman and I love fairytales, I'm 95% positive I'll love this book.


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