Golden Snitch Ornaments

Harry Potter fans! Want your very own golden snitch to hang from your tree? Of course you do! These would make cute little gifts if you want to make something for a bunch of people. You can personalize them anyway you want. I like this tutorial from Tiny Apartment Crafts. She painted a pattern on her snitches that looks really good and I based my cardboard wings on her wire wings. I also like this golden snitch necklace on Instructables.

For this tutorial, I did two different wings: cardboard and wire. I also had some filigree earrings that I never wore and used those for a couple snitches. These were really easy to make (despite trying to spray paint in the rain) and I love the way they came out. I might add some designs on them later. Check out how to make your own after the jump!



  1. I've been making Harry Potter crafts for Christmas gifts for a friend and wanted to make a Golden Snitch. While searching for ideas I came across yours and had to leave a comment. These are terrific and your directions are easy to follow. Great job! You've given me some new ideas as well. Thanks so much and happy holidays!!


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