Fave 5 // Week 25

1. A cool handmade gift would me these forest bookends that Kirsten from Studs & Pearls made. I saw these ones on Pinterest and thought about making them and now all I have to do is follow Kirsten's tutorial!

2. In honor of the Mayan-predicted apocalypse that is very obviously happening around us as I type this, here's 25 DIYs to help you survive. If you happen to survive the fireballs and zombies and natural disasters wreaking havoc (look outside your window! It's happening!), these would also make cool gifts.

3. This wooden wall tree from Swoon Studio is adorable and perfect if you can't get/fit a tree in your house.

4. These mini gingerbread houses on the ModCloth Blog are so cute! They're not exactly practical on your cup, but they're perfect for serving hot drinks at holiday parties.

5. Speaking of serving at holiday parties, these little wreath stirrer sticks on Project Wedding are equally as cute.

-lisa, happy holidays! and happy apocalypse!


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