Fave 5 // Week 12

1. How About Orange shares a method of coating origami with Polycrylic which gives a beautiful protective sheen to your paper projects!
2. It amazes me how it only takes a few coats of spray paint to make something look like new. This bike makeover from A Beautiful Mess inspires me to thrift a bike and redo one for myself.
3. Polaroid cameras are always fun to use and having your picture print out instantly is one of it's perks, the new Polaroid Z2300 is super cute and also digital. Even more instant than Instagram?
4. Bad Lip Reading has done it again by voicing over The Hunger Games! I don't know if this is an insight to my maturity level but these voice dubs are hilarious! They dub stuff from music videos, movies, to political ads. Check out the YouTube channel here for more.
5. Happy Hobbit Day everyone! It's Bilbo's and Frodo's birthday! Geeks of Doom have a How To Throw A Hobbit Day Party which is a fun and nerdy thing that we should all be doing. RIGHT NOW, GO!

- monica


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