Fave 5 // Week 10

1. This IKEA hack of their Lack side table is not only easy to make but also easy on your wallet as well!

2. Cozy up to some hot chocolate cubes on a stick, these are probably easy to make and taste really yummy!

>>The next few are album releases and album previews that have come out this week. You should really give a listen to!<<
3. Cat Power is back with a new album titled Sun. I've been listening to this nonstop, some of the tunes are really catchy and I am reminded of how cool Cat Power's sound is.

4. How nice of  the XX to stream their new album here before it comes outnext week. Their site has a worldwide tracker that shows who is listening to their album and how it has been shared, it's pretty amazing. Coexist comes out 9.11.12

5. If you've never heard of the band Stars, you are missing out. Their new release The North is quite spectacular.



  1. Not gonna lie, that Ikea hack is pretty brilliant! I've owned my fair share of LACK side tables, and this just makes it a little bit more special!


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