8-Bit Bows

ThinkGeek (aka the best website in the entirety of the internet) has these 8-bit hair bows that are actually really easy to make at home using perlers. I'm pretty sure everyone has used perlers in their life, they're kind of a childhood staple. Hello, whimsy has a really good tutorial on how to make these bows and I wanted to try them out. I wound up making some flowers in addition to the bows.
Check them out after the jump!

At first I just bought two little $1 kits which worked for my first time, but I wound up going back to Michaels and buying an organized set of colors. As you can see below, with the little kits, there weren't really enough colors.

When ironing use medium setting, go slowly in circles, and try to get it even. It took me about two bows before I figured out how to get it even. I like them with almost no holes, so I worked in sections making sure it melted evenly.

In order to curve it, after I ironed the second side, I rolled it against the corner of my counter while it was warm. Curving them makes them fit the barrette better.



  1. i LOVE this! thanks for the post. i am going to be making these this week :3


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