Out with a BANG!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone! We are pleased to have our first DIY ready just in time for Independence Day!

These star studded shorts are really easy to make and can be a fun way to jazz up your wardrobe! After doing this project I wanted to make and stamp everything!

  • denim shorts
  • foam sheet (about 1/4" thick)
  • star cutout (optional)
  • pencil
  • xacto knife
  • cutting mat
  • fabric paint or fabric painting medium with acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • iron
  • newspaper (optional)

** Let's Get STARted!
Trace and cut out the star shape on the foam sheet with your trusty xacto knife.

Optional Tip: stuff the shorts with newspaper just in case the paint bleeds through. I didn't have that problem but it's better to be prepared!

Mix the paint together. Since I used  fabric painting medium I needed to mix 1 part medium to 2 parts paint. If you are just using fabric paint it still might be a good idea to have the paint mixed and ready.
Brush paint on the foam. I found that brushing on the paint gave me a lighter and more predictable consistency than dipping it into the paint. This gave the stamp a light faded look which is really cool!
Just start stamping! You can follow a pattern to make it look even or stamp at random spots, whatever you do it will look great! It's also a good idea to repaint the foam after each stamp so you get a nice print every time.
Follow paint setting directions on the bottle. I waited 24 hours for the paint to dry completely and then ironed the shorts inside out to set the paint to the fabric.
Finally! You have yourself a pair of star-spangled worthy shorts that can be worn and washed!

Have fun and be safe everyone!



  1. These are so cute!Be great here in Michigan- it soo hot!


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