Fave 5 // Week 2

Hey it's Friday already! Lisa and I are in San Diego this week for Comic-Con International! We will let you know how our experience went next week for our very first adventure post! Until then, here are my Fave 5s for the week!

1. Let's start things off with this Vintage Marquee DIY that is pretty neat! I might make these for one of our parties or just to have my name in lights!

2. Silly and cute illustration from iLoveDoodle on Flickr.

I love to draw. When I grow up, I want to be a .....

3. "The Rip Tide" by Beirut - I've been a Beirut fan for awhile but have never seen any of their music videos until recently. Their latest video is pretty amazing and really fitting to a song inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Georges Seurat and JMW Turner.

4. A Conversation With My 12 Year Old Self - a video that this guy made having a chat with his 12 year old self. This is so smart, I love it! Plus he likes Doctor Who! (Go and check out our Doctor Who bird feeder DIY that is up! )

5. This being our first Comic-Con visit, I read a bunch of guides for tips to help prepare. I like this one from The Comics Reporter. So many things to look out for!

>>Now if you will excuse us, we have some nerdy convention stuff to do!



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