DIY Middle-Earth Coasters

This DIY is super simple and costs very little. That's right: easy, low-cost, and Middle-Earth all in one thing. Okay, so they don't actually have to be Lord Of The Rings coasters, but if you can make something LOTR themed, why wouldn't you?

1. For this DIY, you'll need some laminate floor samples. I picked up mine from Home Depot for the low price of free. You'll also need an image to put on your coaster, some glue, and either cork or felt. 2. Cut and glue the image to the laminate. Use a sealer on top of the image. Mod Podge is great for this since it's a glue and sealer. 3. Cut some circles from cork and glue to the bottom. Another option is to cut a piece of felt the size of the laminate and glue to the bottom. I happened to have spare cork.

That's it! Place your drinks on it! Ent-draught anyone?



Purse Strap Headband

Monica and I were asked recently what the process of coming up with a DIY was. Whether we think of the end product and then how to make it, or if we find materials and figure out what to do with them. Usually, in my case, I think of an end product and how to get there. There are moments, however, when I look at something and realize exactly what I should do with it. I really love those organic moments of inspiration. It happened recently when I was working on updating a bag and, after cutting it off, I noticed the strap was the perfect size for a headband! So, without further ado, here's how to make an easy headband from an old purse strap!

1. Cut the strap from the purse. If it's a long strap then cut it to the right size. 2-4. Fold one end of the strap over an elastic hairtie and stitch the loop shut. Do the other end of the strap. 5. All done!

If your strap is thin, using a sewing machine to sew the loop shut would be much easier. My purse strap was thick fake leather, so hand stitching worked for me. And you don't have to stop here! Embellish with studs, spikes, flowers, rhinestones, what have you!



Fave 5 // Father's Day Edition

Father's Day is this Sunday, so we thought we'd throw together a Father's Day Fave 5! Most Father's Day gifts are, well, dumb and generic. Ties and barbecues. So, I made this Fave 5 (somewhat) specific to my dad! I figured most of this stuff would make good gifts to other dads so check it out!

1. Okay, typical dad gift... with a twist! This little grill is made out of an Altoids tin. Grill on the go!

2. I got my dad into watching Game of Thrones recently, so this DIY plaque from Creature Comforts would be the perfect gift. You could also put photos on a plaque with this tutorial from Photojojo.

3. Not a Game of Thrones fan? What about The Walking Dead? If you live near Atlanta, maybe you could take your dad on this walking tour of Senoia where much of the show is filmed!

4. My dad really likes camping and the outdoors. This DIY matchbox out of a baby food container would be a simple, practical gift.

5. My dad is a guitar player so this guitar pick punch from ThinkGeek would be awesome! Guitar picks from anything!

Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!



Galaxy Headphones + Summer Playlist

Over the weekend I finally found the time to paint my headphones. The thing Lisa and I can't seem to get enough of is galaxy print everything! You can expect there to be many more cosmic themed tutorials in the future. When in doubt, make it look like outer space! I found inspiration for this project from these nebulae headphones from ketchupize on etsy. The process was really simple. I used the same technique as Lisa's galaxy shoes tutorial. I sprayed a couple coats of polycrylic in the end as a sealer to protect the paint. It just shows how many things you can paint to look like new! The results are brilliant and I feel pretty cool while listening to my jams!

Want to know what I've been listening to lately? Check out my summer playlist via Spotify! :)

♪♫ monica


Alphabet / Initial Tights

Oh Hi! We've been a bit MIA lately due to finals and day jobs. Often times we encounter difficulties with some of our projects and have to change up our ideas or simplify them. Our original plan was to scatter letters all over tights to make a really cool pair of juxtapozed alphabet tights but it was too hard to keep each letter from morphing into each other so we just did a couple letters and the results are still fun. We might revisit this project and figure out another way to go about it.

We used felt alphabet stickers we found at the craft store. Escentially you can use any shaped felt, cloth sticker or ordinary fabrics.
1. peel off the stickers
2. while wearing the tights stick the letters wherever you want.
3. flip the tights inside out so the sticky part is facing up. carefully peel apart the tights because the sticker will stick to itself and morph a little. (do this carefully to avoid runs, we made some runs!)
4. using a glue gun at low temperature, spread a thin layer of glue all over the letter.
5. wear em! easy peeze

>> I put xo on the back of my ankles but made a big run in my stocking!