This past Sunday, Monica and I went to Disneyland for Dapper Day! Despite having a Disneyland pass for the last two years (and growing up 10 minutes from the park), I had never been to a themed day. It was fun! The park actually wasn't any more crowded than usual and we got the front seat on Space Mountain! Hooray! Anyway, I had the perfect dress to wear (combined with our DIY pearl collar) but was missing something to make it a little fancier. So I Googled some dapper outfits from the 50's and realized: fascinator! I watched this extremely helpful video tutorial by Made By Marzipan and this felt bow tutorial by Valerie Paperie and whipped up this simple one the night before. I love it! Now I just need some more retro events to wear it to. Check out how I made mine below!


Fave 5 // Week 34

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! We skipped a couple weeks of faves but we are back and ready to meow! MEOW!

1. Make My Lemonade has a kitten clutch diy that is absolutely amazing! One of the cutest kitty themed accessories I've seen in awhile.

2. Print and make these paper diamonds from an-magritt. They would make really cute party decorations.

3. I've been poking around the internet for some vintage inspiration and came across this photograph and I am obsessed! The woman in the photo is gorgeous and I just love her style. (photo from tumblr)

4. Another fun DIY is this Totoro plush doll from Cheek and Stitch. I will be making this for my little sister sometime and also myself!

5. The Beauty Department gives us a few tips on trimming bangs! Be brave!



Sharpie Mugs

It seems like everyone out there has tried the Sharpie mug (My Sister's Suitcase, A Beautiful Mess), to varying degrees of success. Some people said only the Sharpie paint pen works. Others said regular Sharpies work just fine. And for some reason, no one understands what actually works and why. Well, I decided to give it a go since I wanted to make a Spongebob mug for my friend's birthday anyway. It took a little trial and error but I figured out (what I think is) the best method, and why some things don't work. I will be running my mugs through my dishwasher shortly and will report back with the results. In the meantime, check out the best way to make a Sharpie mug!

*Update: I ran these mugs through the dishwasher and they held up! The blue almost faded away completely but the black and the red are going strong! Hooray!

>> Draw on your design with regular old Sharpie. The oil paint marker will definitely last longer. That's just the way it goes. But since I usually hand wash my dishes, I didn't worry about it. You can print off a design and transfer it by rubbing pencil on the back of the picture and tracing it onto the mug (like this). You can also (sort of) draw with pencil on the mug first.

>> If you make any mistakes, dip a cotton swab in some rubbing alcohol and it comes right off!

Mug Baking Tips:
  1. In order to make the mug (at least hand) washable, the glaze on the mug needs to melt a little and incorporate the Sharpie ink so it sort of becomes part of the glaze. Then when you wash it, the ink doesn't just smear off. That's why you should use a cheap (but oven-safe) mug. The glaze will be lower quality and therefore more likely to heat up the way you want it to.
  2. Bake at 450° F instead of 350°F. Place your mug upside down on a baking sheet in the oven, then turn the oven on. Once it's preheated, set a timer to 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, turn the oven off and leave the mugs inside to cool with the oven. This will prevent cracking and/or exploding mugs. (They probably won't explode but I'm not a mug science expert.)
  3. If you use colored Sharpies on your mug, the color will fade. That's one way to tell if your mug has baked long enough: the color should be noticeably lighter. I only used a blue and red color. The red turned to a orangey-red, but the blue stayed pretty much the same although slightly lighter. So, I wouldn't really recommend using any color lighter than red. Of course you could, but it's more likely to fade away completely and more likely to come off when washing.

So go forth and make mugs, my friends! You should probably use a Sharpie paint pen if you don't like to hand wash dishes. But weigh the cost and benefits: get your hands a little dirty for an awesome custom mug? I say it's worth it.



♥ Anti-Conversation Hearts ♥

Happy Valentine's Day people! I'm gonna be honest with you guys and tell you, I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. I am of the belief that Valentine's Day is cheap and is a greeting card holiday. So when I saw this post on HelloGiggles's tumblr, I knew what I had to do: anti-conversation hearts! You can click below to check out how to make them. And I guess you could always put, I dunno, like, a nice message on them.


Free Printables: 8-bit Envelope for Valentines

Valentines day is coming up and we decided to share this fun printable with you! We've seen a lot of really great printable valentines, but what to put them in? When you send out a valentine as cute as these pop up pixel ones or woven ones from Minieco, you should house them in something just as adorable! Inspired by the sleeve from Big Big Pixel, we designed this 8-bit envelope to put your valentines in. We also threw in a little valentine card that fits perfectly into the envelope. Print out your own below!

Envelope and card are free for personal use ♥
>>Download the envelope right here!
>>And the card here!

>> Update: Now we have a mini version of the envelope! Download here!

>>I recommend using an X-acto knife to cut out the envelope and heart.



Fave 5 // Week 31

1. I'm not sure if you've noticed, but we here at Glitter Mint love anything space related. So is it any wonder that I love this constellation scarf from A Beautiful Mess? It's wonderful and so simple.

2. This DIY projector from Photojojo looks so easy! And cheap! I will be trying this one out.

3. I've been looking for a good TV to fish tank project for awhile now and this one I found on Hack A Day is perfect. We have an old TV that we never threw out and I would love to put a fish tank in it.

4. I love this cloud light on Instructables. They used an Arduino to control the light and make it change color but you could just put Polyfill over some lights!

5. Lifehacker has an article on top 10 good tech habits to have. Luckily, I do most of these, but I thought I would share for those who don't. I should warn you though, you may end up with 15 tabs of Lifehacker open.