River Song's Journal

Did everyone catch the Doctor Who finale last weekend? I loved it! That ending! I would type excitedly about it but, you know, "spoilers." It seemed fitting to dedicate this week's DIY to Professor River Song and what better dedication than a DIY for her journal? I tried this out about a month ago and it was a pretty fun project.

>> You'll need an old notebook, thin cardboard (or cardstock), and tissue paper.
>> You can print out this template or use the photos below to draw your own. Cut out the white pieces and glue to front and back of the notebook.

>> Crumple up the tissue paper, then glue and smooth over the book.

>> Don't worry about any small tears but try not to get big ones. I used the smooth flat end of my X-acto knife (as in not the blade end) to push in between the cardboard pieces and create the indentations.
>> Then paint it! I did a base coat of white so the blue would be really blue. Then I smudged some black into the indents to age it. I finished with a coat of Modpodge to seal.


Or, if you're feeling lazy, you could print out this cool book duster from the BBC.


Once Upon A Time Decorated Box

UPDATE: Monica is currently NOT making any more of these boxes to sell.

Did anybody happen to catch the finale of Once Upon a Time this weekend? Yesterday the creators of the show released a new trailer for their spin off show Once Upon a Time in Wonderland that looks pretty epic. I'm happy that there is something to fill the prime time fantasy/magic void. This week I thought I'd share a jewelry box I decorated inspired by Regina's evil queen style. I bought a wooden box, some hardware, and metal decorations from the craft store and Lisa had a fake heart prop lying around which took it to the next level. It's a pretty dark and morbid but that is the beauty of it! (Sorry Sandra for creeping you out!)

>> I sculpted a heart and dagger piece out of polymer clay and painted it to match the other hardware. I used some heart boxes from the show as inspiration.

 >> For the interior of the box I copied lining used from this queen of hearts themed matchbox. The checkerboard and filigree designs are perfect and really match Regina's style. I wanted to capture Regina's distinctive office design look and feel.

Off with their heads and out with their hearts! Regina is the best.

♥ monica


5 Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts

Oh no, tomorrow's Mother's Day and you forgot to get your momma a gift! Don't fret! Here are 5 DIYs you can whip up last minute and still impress the lady that raised you.

1. Make these super easy braided bracelets.

2. Try making some lipstick out of crayons!

3. Design a sharpie mug for mom.

4. Show her she's out of this world with some star hair clips!

5. Make these easy cake stands. You can make a jewelry holder the same way with a smaller dish!

Good luck and Happy Mother's Day!
-monica and lisa


DIY Sparkle Hairpins

This week I found inspiration from this photo shoot for Material Girl Magazine. The model is wearing a dainty glittered crescent in her hair that I immediately wanted for myself. Conveniently for me, I had some extra glitter foam stickers lying around so I thought I'd give it a try by making my own tiny pins. I've been playing around with my foam stickers for a while trying to figure out the best way to glue them to something without it coming apart and I found the way!

>> The fabric I used was a thin cotton and linen blend. It was a bit pilly but I like that the glue would soak through a bit and really hang onto the fabric which is good. Craft felt might work too and would be a lot less messy.
>> The thing with these foam shapes is that they have a sticky side which is awesome for sticking onto paper and other surfaces but making hair accessories out of them can be a nightmare. So I figured out a way to make it work and I'm happy with the results!
 Step 1: Cut out foam shapes and scraps of fabric large enough to cover the sticky shape.
 Step 2:  Place the fabric between the bobby pin.
 Step 3: Peel off the sticker protector (if your foam piece is a sticker) and dab some glue on the the adheisive side and place it directly onto the bobby pin.
>>I glued it onto the flat side so that the foam piece has and even surface to stick to.
Press it for a few seconds and let it dry completely. Then cut the excess fabric and pin, pin, pin!



Collections: Birdhouses

Hello everyone! We thought we'd start to share some of the things we DIY just for fun. Today I'm showing off my birdhouse collection. I never intended to start collecting birdhouses. I bought my first one on a whim because I just felt like painting something. Next thing I know, I'm gluing fake moss onto the roof of a hobbit hole birdhouse. And because I suffer from the compulsion to turn everything into a TARDIS, I went back to Michael's for the perfect TARDIS shape. Next was the house from Up. It just seemed like an obvious one to do, although I wish I had the patience to add more balloons. Click below to get a closer look and find out what the last one is!

It's Hagrid's hut! I threw Buckbeak the Hippogriff in there and made some pumpkins out of polymer clay. I really love painting these little birdhouses. It's how I unwind. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a Millenium Falcon or Serenity, but space ships are hard to translate to birdhouses. If anyone has any ideas for birdhouses I'd love to hear them!