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Florence Welch Home Tour

Something you probably don't know about me: I love home tours. I love seeing how people arrange furniture, how they display knick-knacks, and what weird stuff they own. There's something ritualistic and significant in the way we make our homes, and I would like to do an anthropological study on modern nesting.

Florence Welch (Florence + the Machine) is an adorable, English, bohemian witch who lives in an adorable, bohemian, English, witch house. This video was for Apartamento Magazine and is directed by Barbara Anastacio for NOWNESS.
"With her roots firmly in South London – it’s where Welch was born and also attended art school – the musician reimagined a 'mature' version of her childhood bedroom and a cabinet of curiosities. 'I haven’t really changed the space that much,' she says. 'It was just coats of paint and changing door knobs, because small things can really make the difference. Finding bits of furniture you like and re-upholstering them… I’ve always been like an inherent decorator.' Her mother’s paintings hang next to a pair of leather lungs made for her debut album cover, as well as countless postcards and books picked up on her travels. 'These little piles of books just grow everywhere like stalagmites and stalactites'” 

- Lisa


Book Club: September

First of all let me say that I did not forget about book club. I read Ready Player One last month and I  ...didn't like it. There were a lot of things about the book that made me angry (handling of Art3mis and OMG AECH most of all) and the analogy I wanted to use to describe how I felt about the book was a little too graphic to be published on this blog.

So, that being said, I am changing the format of "book club" to more of a "what we are reading list". This also works better now that the semester has started and I have a lot of reading for my classes. Feel free to leave comments about these books or hit us up on our various social media.


  1. Crystal Singer by Anne McCaffrey
  2. Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murikami
  3. The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman
  4. Illegality, Inc. by Ruben Andersson


DIY Neon Sign // Batman Returns + Catwoman

There's been a lot of EL wire tutorials making the rounds lately and we've wanted to do one for awhile. We weren't sure what sign to make (we only make stuff we like and are going to keep) until I saw a Tumblr post of Selina Kyle's apartment in Batman Returns.

I honestly don't remember much from that movie, but I absolutely remember Michelle Pfeiffer's dead body being chewed on by some cats and her subsequent freak out/transformation. That role (and those two scenes specifically) are iconic and I want to live in her apartment.

We've got both video and written instructions for this DIY so you can get the letters just right.

  • pink EL wire // here's the one we used
    • you need at least 2
    • we used 3, but it depends on how big your sign will be
  • a wooden board // we used MDF but I suggest actual wood
  • fishing line
  • white paint // we wound up using a can of white house paint instead of spray paint
*EDIT* here's a template that you can resize to your liking. The template also marks where to use fishing line.
1. Draw out a stencil (or size up and print out ours) and tape it to your board. 2. Drill holes for the letters. 3. Using a smaller drill bit, drill holes for the fishing line to thread through. 4. Thread the EL wire through the letters. *SEE BELOW* 5. Make sure everything is taped down in the back. 6. Add hanging equipment or use command strips to stick it on a wall.

How to thread the letters:

The T and the O need to be a separate wire from HELL and HERE so that you can turn it on and off separately.

  1. I threaded HELL first with one wire
  2. then threaded HERE with a second wire
  3. and used a third wire for T and O

Leave some slack for letters that are going to be held down with the fishing line (L, O, R)

I numbered the marked holes for each letter so I knew what order to thread each line of each letter. The letters work better if the horizontal lines lie on top of the vertical ones. For example, H: the horizontal line is threaded last so that it holds down the two vertical lines.

If you're making a smaller sign you can use the same wire for HELL and HERE. I suggest using some yarn or string to measure it out and test threading it through.

You could also solder the wire for HELL and HERE together if you want. Here's a tutorial for soldering EL wire.

Here's another good EL wire sign tutorial. They used black electrical tape to lift the wire off the board to mimic neon signs.



DIY Crop Top

Summer is in full swing here in CA and seeing as how the 90's trend is not dying down anytime soon, I thought I'd do a quick, super-easy crop top DIY. This is the easiest no-sew refashion ever. Literally all you need is a pair of scissors. Oh, and a top.

1. Put on your shirt and mark how short you want to cut it. I used a pin but you could use chalk or a pen.
2. Lay out your top so the side seams, arm holes, and bottom hem are lined up (as pictured).
3. Cut in a straight line from the back and stop about 3 inches from the front. If you're planning on hemming the shirt then leave room for seam allowance.
4. Cut in a diagonal from where you stopped to the bottom of the front of the shirt. This description is confusing so just cut along the dotted lines in the picture.
5. Open the shirt and lay it out so the front is facing you. Cut straight up the middle of the front piece to the bottom of the shirt. If there's not enough space between the two pieces to make a nice knot, then widen it by making a little canoe shape (like I did).
6. Done! If your fabric frays then hem the bottom or sew a zig-zag stitch.



Glitter Mint Book Club

Hey guys! I've really been trying to read more lately and I thought that I would motivate myself by blogging about it! So you can follow along with me, Monica, and our book club friends either here on this blog in monthly posts, over on Goodreads (which I have not fully figured out yet), or just on your own.

The first book we're reading is Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, which the internet won't shut up about. I've never tried audiobooks before, but this one is narrated by the one and only Wil Wheaton if you want the full 80's nostalgia experience.

Here is the tentative list of books (which is impossible to put in order because Goodreads won't let you make lists?). We'll be reading one book a month so I'll be back to post about Ready Player One at the end of August/beginning of September!


p.s. As someone born in '89 (and whose parents sold their old consoles), that photo is as 80's retro gaming as I can get. Pokémon Red and Blue forever!


Painted Lemon and Cat Doormats

Happy Summer everyone! We found some time to get a couple DIYs posted during our summer break. It's been so long, I'll have to admit that I am a bit rusty at publishing tutorials! Hopefully you all can hang in there with us while we get our groove back! Let's get on with the post! One day I was scrolling through Pinterest for some housewarming gift ideas and I came upon this post from The House That Lars Built. I followed her instructions for the lemon tutorial and adapted it to create the cat doormat. Lisa and I spent a few hours one afternoon whipping these bad boys out and I couldn't be more happy with the results! Watch the video we made for this tutorial or read the full tutorial below. If you have any questions feel free to leave us a comment on the video or post!

  • half-circle doormat - this one
  • glossy spray paint - for lemon: yellow and white // for cat: black (suggested brand here)
  • large paper for creating template (thick enough so paint won't seep through, i used some drawing paper)
  • dressmakers pins
  • box cutter and scissors
Directions for the Lemon mat: 1. Trace out the semi-circle to create the template. Use the photos as a reference for creating your lemon template. 2. Before placing down the template I sprayed the entire mat white. This will require several coats and drying. We might have used an entire can of white to fully cover the mat. 3. Once the white has dried mostly, We placed the template down and secured them with dressmaker pins. Make sure most of the sides are secure, the paper will want to pop up so be aware of it when spraying. 4. Spray over with yellow paint. Leave out to dry for at least 24 hours and done!

Directions for Cat mat: 1. Create your template by tracing the semi-circle and sketching out where the ears will go. 2. Cut out the block for the ears with a box cutter and scissors (the mat was very easy to cut from the backside). 3. Place the face details down and pin them into place. 4. Spray the entire mat with black. Leave out to dry for at least 24 hours and it's all done!