Happy Holidays!

To those who celebrate it, Merry Christmas!! Monica and I are spending our Christmases with family and we wish you all warm feelings and joy!

Happy Holidays!

-monica + lisa


Holiday Donut Wreath

Merry Christmas! I'm excited for food, family, and re-watching Elf the movie. What are you most excited about? Over the holiday weekend I whipped up this yummy looking donut wreath that also doubles as a pillow! It's just a fun decorative piece that you can easily make. I crafted this during the evening and all the photos I took looked horrid so I thought to try a digitally produced tutorial and hopefully it makes sense.

Before you start figure out how large you want the donut to be. Mine measures about 12 inches around. I traced the largest bowl I could find in my house for the large circle shape, and found other bowls and bottle caps for the other pieces. I just sketched the frosting piece out of a cut donut piece in the green color. You can hand sew this entire thing if you choose or use a machine and then hand sew the seams like I did.

1. Cut out all the pieces 2. Sew on small sprinkle pieces to the large frosting piece. Then sew the frosting piece to ONE of the tan donut pieces. 3. Put the tan pieces right-sides together and sew around the circle leaving about 3 inches of space for stuffing. Don't sew the center circle or you will end up with a jelly bean! 4. Flip the entire thing inside-out and hand stitch the center circle flipping the seams inside so they don't show. 5. Stuff the donut with polyfill until nice and full then stitch up the seam! Tie a HUGE ribbon into a bow and it's officially a wreath!



DIY Remembrall Ornament

I've been wanting to make this remembrall ornament since last year! I thought up the idea and even bought the ornament and wire last December. Unfortunately, I only just got around to getting the roving and putting it together. But! I love it! It's simple and goes so well with my golden snitch ornaments!

Materials: red wool roving, a clear round ornament, wide gold wire/ribbon, and some glitter

1. Mix glue and water together to create a runny glue. Pour some in the ornament, swirl it around, then place it upside down in a sink to drain. 2. Pour some glitter inside the ornament and spread it around with a pencil/chopstick/whatever's on hand. 3. Stuff the roving into the ornament. (I actually pushed a bit of the roving around inside with a pencil to help spread the glitter) 4. Glue the wire or ribbon around the ornament. 5. Spray the top gold.


Gift Idea: Painted Candles

One day I was rummaging the clearance aisle at the craft store and came across this Candle Painting Medium. I had never heard of candle painting before and I never really thought to paint candles, but it can be done easily and makes for a nice personalized gift. I've seen people just use straight acrylic on their candles and it worked out fine. The candle painting medium helps the acrylic adhere to the candle a little better. I liked the way they turned out, simple designs and colors to brighten someone's day this holiday!

Materials: Candles (pillars, candlestick, votive any candle not in a jar or container), Candle Painting Medium, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, rubbing alcohol

Directions: 1.Clean off the candle using rubbing alcohol, there was some oily residue on my candles even though they where new and wrapped when I bought them 2. Mix equal parts acrylic and medium. 3. Paint directly onto candle.

>>The paint comes out slightly opaque and may require a second coat. I suggest painting one color, letting it dry and then move on to the next color to avoid blending (unless that's the look you are going for!)



Holiday Inspired Flower Crown

Poinsettias are one of the holiday staples when it comes to decorating for the holidays. This year I was inspired to make a flower crown out of these red and green beauties. It's your classic flower crown with a holiday twist! This flower crown was made a bit differently than my last one here, but feel free to improvise and work with what you have. I am definitely wearing this to our annual holiday gift exchange party accompanied by ugly Christmas sweaters and jingle bells. Walking, talking, Christmas person!

Materials: Bundle of fake flowers, headband, hot glue, scissors/wire-cutters

1. Detach the flowers from the stems and snip off any excess plastic pieces 2. Dab some glue and glue the leaf part (if you want--they probably would look better without them) 3. Glue the bottom of the flower to the headband at desired location around the band.

 I now crown ye Princess of Christmas! Happy Holidays!



DIY Faux Bois Votive

Hello there! Well as you can see we're not doing 12 Days of Christmas this year. Monica and I both just finished with finals and are now busy working at our respective day jobs. But, that doesn't mean no DIYs! Instead of 12 days, we're attempting a (work) week and a half of holiday DIYs starting with this votive one! We'll keep it under the 12 Days of Christmas tag (in which you can see last year's projects) to keep all the holiday DIYs under one figurative roof. Now that that explanation's out of the way, on to faux bois!

Materials: glass votive, hot glue gun, and frosted glass finish

1. Using a hot glue gun, make a faux bois pattern on the glass. 2. Spray paint a frosted glass finish onto the votives and let set overnight. We used this one. 3. Peel away the hot glue (or leave it, if you like) 4. Light a candle in it! Pretty! I love the way it turned out.

How to do faux bois: You can google "faux bois" and reference a picture or free-hand it like I did.
1. I started with a small oval swirl in the middle of the glass and then worked my way out, reaching the top and bottom. 2. Then, on the side of the oval, make two V's like arrows pointing toward each other and add smaller V's inside them. 3. Do that on either side of the oval and then repeat!



Holiday Wish List 2013

1. This Etsy shop Frostbeard sells the most amazing scented candles! Scents include The Shire, Winterfell, and Dumbledore's Office. They even sell one called Exterminate! that is an odor eliminator. Genius. Unfortunately their shop is closed for the holidays, but as soon as they open up I'm grabbin some.
2. Shakespeare and Star Wars: a match made in ghost Jedi afterlife. Ian Doescher took Star Wars and put it in iambic pentameter and I think he might be a hero for that.
3. I love this BookBook iPhone case. I love it so much that I tried to DIY one but failed miserably. I think it would be cool if someone sold custom ones with your favorite book as the cover!
4. Moon Raven Designs on Etsy sells really beautiful jewelry and this wild cat skull is my favorite. It has an articulated jaw!
5. By now I'm sure you've seen a little bit of Allie Brosh's comics in some way, shape, or form. Well now you can see all of it in book form! Her comics on depression are just so relatable, funny, and endearing.

1. This kitty coin pouch from Urban Outfitters is a chicer version of one that I have, it's so Purrrty!
2. Peppermint Butler is such a BAMF and this dress is just as badass! Peppermint Butler Dress here.
3. I love these little cups with critters in them. It makes drinking coffee a little extra special! I found this mug on ModCloth.
4. This is something that I just realized I needed after switching out my summer and winter clothes out-- Vacuum sealed Space Bags! I can already imagine all the compact, dust-free, storage capabilities!
5. Cards Against Humanity. I've heard good things about this card game and I'm pretty sure my friends would have a blast playing this as well! There is a free downloadable version of this game on their website, it just takes time and supplies to make!


Fave 5 // Sloths + Bears

Hey readers! The reason it's been so quiet around here is that Monica and I just finished defeating college apps and we are now facing finals week (imagine us as Great Warrior). Anyway we're going to start posting holiday DIYs next week! Until then, here's a Fave 5:

1. I've been really into letterman style sweaters and jackets lately so I love this upcycled sweater from Fashionrolla. It's really simple as long as you've got a patch and some zippers.

2. I don't totally keep up with runway fashion but the Mulleavy sisters are a couple of my favorite designers and when I saw this Rodarte rosette braid earlier this year I fell in love. The Beauty Department has a good tutorial on how to do it.

3.  Xmas crafts are here! I really like these DIY woodland stockings from Martha Stewart.

4. Have a crafter you need a gift for? Kiriki Press has the cutest embroidered animal kits. I'm partial to the sloth. He looks so friendly.

5. This gift wrapping idea from Mr Printables is so simple and so cute that I'm a little upset that I didn't think of it.

And a short playlist of some weird/awesome music just because. Happy Sunday.