The Bees Knees - DIY Floral Tights

Spring has arrived and nothing shouts spring like floral everything! I've noticed a massive trend in floral head crowns at all the festivals this year. Are you tired of all these floral crown tutorials yet? We went another route and embellished an old pair of tights for a quirky festive look! I assure you, these are a bit out there but they definitely say, "Hello, it's Spring!" I also can't promise that you won't be mistaken for a bed of flowers that bees might want to pollinate! Read on to see how we made this look.

 Step 1: Wedge a long piece of cardboard through the tights. If your tights are thin be extra careful to avoid runs unless that's the look you want.

Step 2: Apply a dot of hot glue to the back of the flower and just stick them on! You can arrange them randomly or follow a pattern.
>> Occasionally lifting the tights from the cardboard is a good idea. Especially if your tights are thin and the glue seeps trough. Mine were pretty sturdy and I had no problems with messy glue.

-monica & lisa


Fave 5 // Kirk to Enterprise

1. I've been looking for a good phone case and, in the search, I stumbled upon this cool DIY. This steampunk iPhone case was inspired by Victorian Torchwood tech and it even has working gauges! I'm pretty much sold on anything that is functional and Doctor Who/Torchwood related.

2. This paper boat bag by Aimee from ClonesNClowns is a Moschino knock-off and it's adorable! It looks fairly easy to make if you know how to use a sewing machine.

3. If you liked that steampunk phone case, then maybe you'll also enjoy this bluetooth build from Make magazine. It's a Star Trek communicator bluetooth! There's a video for it and you should really see it in action. So cool!

4. I'm pretty sure we've been over this, but I love anything miniature. This Hobbiton garden is no exception! It's so cute and they even show you exactly how to make that door and chimney.

5. Last night I got a text from Monica asking if I had heard of felt cat beds. I hadn't and when I looked them up, I was blown away. Some of them are so weird! The best ones I saw were made by Dornröschen Filzunikate and are sold on this German site.



Mini Peach Pie(π)s

I've never been a huge fan of pie. In fact, I can count the types of pie I like on one hand. But when Pi Day rolled around about a month ago (March 14) I knew I had to make pie. We had a couple cans of peaches in our pantry and frozen pie crust in the fridge so I figured I'd give peach pie a shot. I based my recipe off of this one from All Recipes and, instead of using a pie tin, I used a muffin pan to make mini pies! This pie is super easy to make (especially if you use pre-made crust and canned fruit) and I'm happy to report that my first foray into pie-making was delicious! Although Pi Day was almost a month ago, and we missed the 23rd anniversary of Twin Peaks by a couple of days (oops), I still think you should measure the circumference of something, find out who killed Laura Palmer, and make these mini peach pies. Or you could just do the last thing. Recipe under the jump.


Wondercon 2013

This past weekend, we headed over to the Anaheim Convention Center for Wondercon 2013! We spent two days looking at all the stuff, admiring the cosplay, and going to panels. Check out our Wondercon adventure under the jump!