Fire and Blood

Easter is coming. And so is Game of Thrones season 3! Will the Khaleesi take what is hers with fire and blood? Will Jon Snow ever get laid? WTF was that smoke monster baby? Will winter finally come? These questions and more... have probably already been answered in the books. I admit to only being on page 68 of A Game of Thrones. Regardless! We are big fans of the HBO series Game of Thrones and are super excited for the premiere on Sunday. And since Sunday is also Easter, what better time to make dragon eggs?

We knew we wanted to make dragon eggs but weren't really sure how to do it on real eggs, so we decided to make cake pops! Game of Thrones cake pops have been done before (definitely check out these slightly morbid ones on Not Your Momma's Cookie) but we didn't see any dragon egg cakes. That is until Monica found this awesome Nerdy Nummies Game of Thrones cake on YouTube. Our dragon egg mini cakes are a little less intense than that cake, so if you want to enjoy a little Westeros treat on premiere day, read on!

>> We didn't have any fondant cutters, so we made our own out of soda cans just like in this tutorial.

>> Everything we used to make these dragon eggs was store-bought. Chocolate cake mix and chocolate frosting for the cake eggs and Wilton fondant and edible pearl dust for the scales. To make the eggs we followed Bakerella's instructions for cake balls, shaped them into eggs, and cooled them in the fridge. Then we rolled out the fondant and cut a bunch of the little teardrop shapes.

>> We put a thin layer of frosting on the egg and then, starting with overlapping scales at the top, we layered the fondant shapes all around. The key to making them look like dragon eggs is small scales and a little randomness. We made some with bigger scales lined up nicely and they looked like artichokes.

>> Also, as you can see, these started out as dragon egg pops. We didn't have any candy melts to hold it to the stick and then we started layering fondant, making it heavier, and... well, they started "hatching." So, we decided to forgo the lollipop sticks and make them handheld cakes.

>> To finish them off, we brushed on some edible pearl dust. Shimmer = instant magic! Seriously, that pearl dust makes all the difference.

-monica + lisa (who sort of brushed shoulders with George R. R. Martin at San Diego Comic Con this past summer)


Fave 5 // Time to Play

Hi there! This week I've been falling in love with random trinkets, photos and phone apps:

1. Line Play! If you follow me on instagram you already know how obsessed I am with this cute room decor game. It's definitely a cute overload, you should check it out and send me some love (hearts)! That's Lisa and my virtual avatars in my craft corner! Our line play usernames: itsmonicat // lisakaaa

2. I am loving resin filled pendants and this cosmic + geometric one from Ditty Drops has my name written all over it!

3. I'm inspired by these double exposure photographs by Daniel Barreto. They are amazingly beautiful! People and places!

4. Head over to Maid of Clay for a personalized yarn bowl! I don't know how to knit or crochet but these name bowls make me want learn so I can get one of these, of course.

5. The very talented typographer Georgia Hill painted these china plates for The Michelberger Restaurant as reserved signs. Lovely and a great table setting idea.

- monica


It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Make This! Zelda Ballet Flats

For this week's DIY you will need courage, wisdom, and power all of which make up the triforce in the Legend of Zelda! Embark on an epic journey with these Legend of Zelda inspired shoes! This makes me want to bust out my N64 and play some Ocarina of Time! I made these flats for my friend's birthday as a nerdy surprise. They came out beautifully and were really easy to make! Let your fairy companion (Me) show you how to make these adorably epic shoes!

>> Measure the tips of the shoes and figure out where you want the design to go. These flats worked great because they have a nice pointed curve that the Hyrule symbol fits perfectly.

>> Save and print out this image to use as a template.

Trace your template on contact paper and cut out. Peel and stick the stencil on the shoes
>> Make sure the contact paper is securely placed, any lifted area can cause paint to bleed through and ruin your design!

Cover the entire shoe with tape newspaper and Spray! Once you are happy with the color and the paint is dry carefully peel off the contact paper and Skkkyyaaa (Link's battle cry?)! Now you are ready to save the kingdom with style!



Make Your Own Crayon Lipsticks

Hold up... turning crayons into lipstick is a real thing??! Yes it is! We did some research and found several tutorials (Ms. Toibelsey, and Veronica loves beauty) for turning crayons into smooth and silky lipsticks! I never really thought about what goes into making lipstick, the only thing that comes to mind is when they used to put in whale blubber or something like that. Anyway, the process for homemade lip product is not as complicated as you would think. The best part is you probably have most of these items at home. Check out how to make custom colored lipsticks out of crayons!

>> EDIT: please be careful what crayons you use for this. Crayola crayons are nontoxic, but some crayons (from China) may contain lead.
>> You are also going to need things to double boil, we used a pan and a small pot. Also, a chopstick and spoon for stirring and distributing.
>> Feel free to substitute shea butter instead of lotion and any other oil as long as the products you use are food and skin safe (jojoba is a great skin and lip oil).

>> Throw in 1/2 teaspoon of oil, 1/2 teaspoon of lotion, and 1/2 crayon. Double-boil until all liquefied and mixed. This takes close to 2 minutes to be completely ready, don't over cook it.

>> Quickly and carefully pour into container. Let it cool in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes. Done!

>> Color swatches! The colors go on more like a lip stain and are a bit sheer but they are still really flattering. The teal looks really ugly on lips but we wanted to try it out for fun, ha! You can apply directly or with a lip brush.

-monica and lisa


Fave 5 // Entomology

1. I love these DIY party crowns from Design Love Fest. They're super adorable and I really love the idea of a photobooth crawl. Gotta try that out for someone's birthday soon.

2. I grew up decorating Easter eggs with my mom but I've never made eggs like these on She Knows. They look so prett, I wouldn't want them to spoil!

3. For some reason, I've been into bugs lately. So, I really love this insect crown. There's a pretty good DIY for it from Dare To Do It Yourself here.

4. More bugs! I like insect pinnings but not so much the idea of killing insects. This specimen art from Whimsey Box is a great compromise.

5. Aaand... more bugs. Pretty ones this time! These wind up butterflies from You Are My Fave are so cool. She suggests sticking it in a card or book but I would be worried about it flying in someone's face! I think they would forgive you, though, given how adorable they are.



Do the Shamrock Shake

Happy March everyone! We wanted to whip up something festive for this month and opted for this quick and easy March worthy drink, Shamrock Shakes! My boyfriend is a huge fan of these and looks forward to March when they sell them at McDonalds. Why buy them when you can make them at home? This recipe was super simple and anything mint is bright and refreshing. Another fun thing you can do is splash some Baileys Irish Cream for a boozy version of this treat!